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Personal Information
March 21 1968
(47 years old)
BaldTruthTalk Profile:
Hair Loss History
Years of Hair Loss:
Current Treatment Regimen:
Proscar fifth of a tablet daily
Past Treatments:
minodil liquid and rogaine foam
Degree of Hair Loss:
How Has Hair Loss Affected Your Life?:
Made me depressed and affected my conidence
Hair Transplant Profile
Have You Had a Hair Transplant?:
Name of Hair Transplant Surgeon:
Date(s) of Surgery:
april 2008
Advice For Others:
Always do plenty of research and have at least 3 consultations before deciding to go down the HT route.
About Me:
Started losing the hair in my crown approximately 1993.Never really bothered me much as the loss was very slow.By 1998 it was very noticeable,i made the mistake of having a HT with a doctor that i saw advertisedd in the back of a newspaper.

The result was really poor,so in my ignorance i went back to the same doctor a year later for another HT which again provided a very poor result.Both were strip surgery.

Fast forward 5 years to 2005,i started to look at Doctors websites and off i went to Greece for a FUE HT which again i got a very poor result.

4 months after going to Greece i knew i had been done over again,this is when i started to research properly and found hairloss forums.

After 3 years of researching i chose to go with Dr.Ron Shapiro for my fourth HT to fix the work of my 3 previous mistakes.I had my HT with him on 28th April 2008.I then went back October 2008 and had a small fue procedure with Dr Paul Shapiro to help repair scars from my first two HTsall those years ago.

I`m now very happy with my result.