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Hair Transplant Surgeon:
Dr. Arthur Tykocinski
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Tykocinski Medical Group
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Rua Januário Miráglia 181
City / County:
Vila Nova Conceição
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Phone Number:
+55 11 38897356
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About The Hair Transplant Surgeon
The Tykocinski Medical Group matches the standards of the greatest international centers of hair restoration: While keeping focus on high density coronal follicular transplant, the clinic counts on the support of renowned dermatologists and a complete team of assistants.

Together, Administrative and medical teams, totals 16 professionals who seek total quality, from the first call to the last day of our patient’s accompany.

Inaugurated in 1993, Tykocinski Medical Group was brought up as a specialized hair restoration clinic, incorporating all the technical advances available back then. In 1989, a revolution in the hair restoration field started to be delineated: Several medical groups, like Bob Limmer’s one and the Moser Medical Group, independently, started changes that, added up, produced a real revolution, winding up in the development of the follicular transplant. For the first time, amazing results could, systematically, be obtained.

From 1995 on, this new technique started to be divulged world wide by Dr. Ron Shapiro, with whom Dr. Tykocinski had the opportunity to train with in order to bring the technique to Brazil. Since then, follicular transplants have been growing to be very popular in the U.S, and Canada by the year 2000.

By 2003, a new benchmark event: The high density Coronal Follicular Transplant. Once again, Dr. Tykocinski working along with the creators of the new technique and a few other doctors, assumed the refinement and diffusion of this novelty.

Nowadays is possible to reproduce, not only the natural aspect of the hair, but also to obtain de density of the original hair in just one hair restoration procedure. In our words, “the hair transplant has won the battle against technical limitations: The perfection depends now on the artistic capabilities of each surgeon”.