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Through my own personal journey with hair loss i have learnt and experienced a great deal -  I am more than happy to share my research, information and experiences with you. I hope this knowledge may then prevent you from making the mistakes I have and facilitate your goals of minimising your hair loss and maximising your potential hair transplant.

I am now in the fortunate position of attaining my goal and act as a showcase for Dr Feller here in the UK.I offer this service for free in order to give something back to brotherhood and ultimately to make people in the UK aware of such a Doctor and other top clinics. Dr Feller ultimately gave me my life back and I feel it is important that people are made aware of what is actually available to us.

I offer myself as a hair transplant showcase because there was nothing available to me when I embarked down the hair transplant road and feel it would have helped me greatly. I feel it is vital that people interested in having their hair restored this way get as much information as possible and are able to actually see the results that can be achieved in person.